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Wii Music 2

2008-11-16 13:35:52 by FlexoPrego

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Wii Music Clip!

Wii Music!

2008-11-16 13:27:40 by FlexoPrego

Wii Music is so awesome and here's a video to prove it! I've been addicted to it for the past 3 days! And I just stopped playing! For those of you with a Wii, I recommend this game so much!!!!!!!

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A Seriously New Animation!

2008-08-31 00:21:27 by FlexoPrego

yeah a new animation! Well here you go it's gonna be a parody of hal gaylo! yah! I though Jaylo! but nah! OK Anywho Yeah new animation!

New Animation!!!!!

2008-08-10 11:46:00 by FlexoPrego

I will begin the animation of Zaff Branigan-High School Legend 1 in 2 days it will take a year cuz it's gonna be 1 hour long. But watch it lots of cock jokes parodies great music and a guest appearance by will stamper!

Hi Im David

2008-01-08 18:51:34 by FlexoPrego

Yo look at longviewed on

Hi Im David